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Spécialisée avec les hommes
Specialized with men

Evidence-based therapy

** We provide a safe and welcoming space for all people, regardless of ethnicity, cultural background, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, physical, intellectual or psychological abilities. ** 

Espace sécuritaire safe place securitaire inclusive

New Logo's Meaning

Sanare Extended Logo - Colour.png

The heart represents love, self-love, compassion, authenticity and love for others. Sometimes it's harder to love yourself than it is to love other people, and I wanted my logo to remind you, every time you see it, that you too deserve to be loved, by yourself and by others!
The leaf in the heart represents the leaf of a tree. A tree that's big and mature. We often only see the trunk, branches and leaves of the tree, but we often forget the roots. Leaves fall and grow with the seasons, just as we experience many changes in our lives with the seasons, but this doesn't define us. It also reminds us that letting go is a healthy and necessary process sometimes! The leaves represent the more ephemeral aspects of us: some desires or ambitions, some relationships too.
The branches are always present. We can have fun hanging a swing on them for the kids, and sometimes we have to cut off certain branches. It's a bit like our personality. Always present. We always want to look our best (children's swing), but sometimes we have to learn, grow and change, like the branches that grow or are cut.
Finally, the trunk represents our values. Virtually unshakeable, the trunk represents our presence, our existence.

But none of this would be possible without the invisible part: the roots. The roots are our anchor, our guide. Even when we feel we have nothing left, when we feel despair, the urge to give up, the roots continue to sustain and nourish us. Roots are really the part that represents us best. No root, no tree. Roots are powerful. They can unravel roads, and it's roots that hold up the soil to prevent landslides. Roots are your hidden strength, your resilience. It's the real you!

I wanted my logo to have these two elements (the representation of the tree and the heart) so that you'll remember, every time you see it, that you're a wonderful person, that you're capable of great things, sometimes greater than you think, and that love will make it all possible.

Jessica Bastonnais

I am a registered social worker

My career in intervention began when I obtained my bachelor's degree in criminology with a minor in psychology in 2008. This allowed me to work in intervention for 12 years in social reintegration with men with criminal records. Then, I went back to school and got a master degree in social work from l'École de service social of the University of Ottawa in 2019 in order to be allowed to do therapy. 

I chose to start my private practice as a clinical social worker in order to provide therapeutic services adapted to men, and for all people struggling with difficulties related to my fields of expertise. I am here to offer you a safe space in which you can develop tools to better manage the challenges you are facing.  I use different approaches to help each person reach their goals.

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Maya Angelou

safe place espace sécuritaire thérapie therapy anxiety trauma anxiete anxiété talk therapy

« Vous ne pouvez pas contrôler tous les événements qui vous arrivent, mais vous pouvez décider de ne pas être réduit par eux.» 

«You can't control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.»

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LGBTTIQQA2+ Alliée /Allied



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