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Expertise, training and approaches


  • Services adapted to the specific needs of men

  • Various addictions (drugs, alcohol, sexuality, gambling)

  • Anxiety, stress

  • Chronic depression/fatigue

  • Managing emotions

  • Violent behavior

  • Legal obligations/legal disputes

  •  Trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD\PTSD)

  • Grief and loss

  • Marital difficulties (separation, divorce)

  • Infidelity, Trauma, Post-trauma

Vous ne voyez pas votre situation dans la liste? Contactez-moi et nous pourrons faire une évaluation de votre situation. Au terme de cette brève discussion, nous serons en mesure de dire si nous pouvons vous aider, ou si il sera plus bénéfique pour vous qu’on vous réfère à une personne plus compétente en la matière.

You don't see your situation listed? Contact me and we can do an assessment of your situation. At the end of this brief discussion, we will be able to tell if we can help you, or if it would be more beneficial for you to be referred to someone more competent in the matter.



​Trauma et post-traumatique (TSPT/ PTSD)


Prolonged Exposure(PE) (Ontario resident only)**

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) (Résident de l'Ontario** seulement)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for trauma

ACT for people pleasing

Gottman infidelity and trauma​

Anxiety and Obsessive compulsive disorder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposition and response prevention (CBT + ERP)

ACT for anxiety, addiction and depression


Act for loss and grief


Gottman level 1 et 2

Helping family member with their loved one having a borderline personnaliy disorder diagnostic

Toxic and narcissistic relationship

Emotionnaly Focus Therapy (EFT)


**En raison des différentes législations entourant le droit de pratique et les actes autorisés, les traitements thérapeutiques ne sont offerts qu'aux résidents de l'Ontario. **


We use different techniques in CBT.


ACT (acceptance and commitment thepray)

Emotionaly focussed therapy (EFT)/Attachement theory

Motivational approach

Systems approach

Strenghts focussed

Client focussed 

Schema theory


We can use different approaches depending on your needs. 

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