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Frequently asked questions

How long last a session?

Which therapeutical approaches are you using? 

How much does it cost?

The individual 50-minute sessions cost 160$+. We also offer sessions of 25 and 80 minutes (80$ and 240$ respectively). Fees of 50% are to be paid for a late cancellation (less than 24 hours before the session) and for no show. 

We mostly use a cognitivo-behavioral theory  approche (CBT) influenced by different therapeutic fields. We adapt our approch to your need so you can get what you need from the sessions.  Although these approaches are recognized and we are dedicated to your journey, you will have to work hard to achieve your goals.  We will accompany you throughout your therapeutic process by reinforcing your learning and helping you develop tools for your well-being. 


What about confidentiality?

Are your services covered by insurance?

Therapeutic services provided by a social worker are not covered by OHIP/RAMQ.

However, they are covered by most private insurance companies. We suggest that you contact your insurance company to find out about your coverage. 

Our services are covered by the Non- Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for FIrst Nations and Inuit people. 

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment. What should I do?

We understand that sometimes, you may need to change your schedule. We ask that you notify us 48 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid being charged for the full fee of your session. Please notify us by email ( or leave us a text/ voicemail (819-412-1026). 

Online and in-person session last 50 minutes.  The 25-minute and 80-minute options are also available for individual sessions. 

Your confidentiality is a priority. Our sessions are protected by professional secrecy. However, the Child Protection Act (DPJ/SAE) requires the disclosure of any current or premeditated abuse of identified minors. We are also required to report a person who is planning to commit a serious criminal act that may result in injury or death to persons (self or others).  Otherwise, your consent must be obtained before any confidential information is disclosed to a third party.  Virtual therapy sessions are offered through a secure platforms that meet security and privacy standards. and Owl Practice allows you to connect from wherever you are and are accessible from a computer or cell phone. Virtual sessions will always be offered, even after the pandemic, allowing you to continue and complete your follow-up under any circumstances. 

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